HBO’s “House of the Dragon” vs. Amazon’s “The Rings of Power” – Vophs

HBO’s game of thrones prequel Home of the Dragon will debut on August 21, just 11 days before its release. Amazon’s Lord of the Rings prequel, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Both shows have massive fan bases, but only one is showing signs of early viewership enthusiasm.

A comparative search of Google Trends comparing interest in the two series over the past 30 days shows this. Home of the Dragon A story based on JRR Tolkien’s sword and sorcery source material has captured the interest of a much larger potential audience. The searches for both the shows were almost identical till July, when the first trailers of both the shows were released.

since then, Home of the Dragon It has gone too far circles of power, With the former scoring 100 out of a possible 100 in terms of interest this week. Despite the fact that the LOTR film franchise started a decade ago. game of thronesThe Tolkien property, which first aired in 2011, isn’t as highly anticipated.

HBO Max isn’t relying solely on fan whims for its success.

Amazon, still finding its original content studio legs, seems to be learning some of the lessons that HBO has learned over its 50-year existence. In addition to more financially efficient production, HBO and its HBO Max streaming arm have been aggressively innovative in how The dragon is promoted.

HBO teamed up with Duolingo to promote. A course in the High Valyrian language of the show, and partnered with Snapchat to offer a new Dragon selfie Augmented reality Lens and an immersive location-based feature that lets users interact. Virtual Dragon. HBO Max also paired up with Roku to offer a unique House of the Dragon. The fan experience Including a new menu option, giveaways, screensavers, and a Roku Rundown show that will cover the new series.

Amazon is probably about to get a tough lesson about how to win the TV prestige wars.

The disparity in interest between the two shows is even more pronounced when considering the budgets of competing fantasy franchises. Ring One season was one budget. $465 million compared to The dragonEstimated A budget of about $150 to $200 million for season one.

While Amazon has huge reserves of e-commerce and cloud revenue to strengthen its original content bet. Ring There will still be a lot of ground to be made to compete with. The dragon And pay off his investment. Home of the Dragon Airs August 21 on HBO and HBO Max, and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Airs September 1 on Amazon Prime Video.

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