Get free tickets to Amazon’s “The Rings of Power” at Theaters – Vophs.

Amazon Prime Video’s Lord of the Rings series Circles of power Streaming will begin on September 1st, but fans of the franchise will be able to get an early look at their local movie theaters. Amazon Will preview. The first two episodes of the show in Cinemark theaters worldwide.

However, to be eligible for tickets, customers will first need to join Cinemark’s Movie Rewards program, which offers a free tier, as well as a $9.99 per month tier that offers ticket and dining discounts. does.

The last film in the franchise, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesIn 2014, it grossed approximately $55 million during its opening weekend. These ticket sales were based on the film being released in 3,875 theaters, but if Ring Screening is limited Up to 200 Theaters are correct, Cinemark’s free one-day event will represent about $2.7 million in potential ticket sales alone (the theater chain has 521 theaters worldwide).

It’s the latest in a developing relationship between Cinemark and the streaming giants.

Lord of the Rings Circles of power It is Amazon’s most expensive original series ever, taking in $465 million for the first season alone. In recent weeks, HBO’s Home of the Dragonwhich premiered last night, garnered more fan interest than the JRR Tolkien property.

Amazon’s decision to debut the series in theaters could help bridge the gap in interest by framing the series with the trappings of a blockbuster movie premiere, drawing long lines of fans to watch episodes. Complete with social media videos. The marketing move also gives the Prestige TV property a glimpse of cinematic pedigree to potentially attract viewers who might have otherwise overlooked streaming releases.

Unlike rivals AMC and Cineworld (owner of Regal Cinemas, reportedly Bankruptcy Moving forward), Cinemark has cultivated close relationships with streamers, most notably Netflix. In 2021, Cinemark landed a $200 million Netflix film. Red NotesDwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot in their theaters one week Before going online. A few months ago, the theater chain also teamed up with Netflix for a Zack Snyder release. Army of the Dead In theaters Just a week before its streaming release.

Circles of power The theater event will take place on August 31st at 7pm EST and tickets be available Starting today at 12pm EST.

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