Service workers are not able to spot sexual harassment – Vophs

Not only is sexual harassment rife in the service industry, new research has found that workers in these jobs often have difficulty identifying such behavior, suggesting that sexual harassment Can be so broad that it doesn’t even register as inappropriate. A study by researchers at the Cornell University School of Industrial Relations, which is about … Read more

America is underestimating the costs of climate change – Vophs

According to one major, the economic impact of climate change is likely to be three times greater than economists and US government officials previously expected. Analysis Published in the journal on September 1. The nature. The “social cost of carbon” (SCC) is a metric used by governments to assess the costs and benefits of climate … Read more

Zambia’s kucha is the world’s best performer against the dollar – Vophs Africa

When he first came to office, about a year ago, detractors of Zambia’s new president called him “Calculator Boy,” because of his strong focus on the economy and his background as an accountant. In retrospect, it is clear that these were the skills needed to pull Zambia out of the economic crisis at the time, … Read more

Jumia is using Zipline’s drone system for delivery – Vophs Africa

California-based Zipline is known for delivering blood and essential health products to Africa this year using automated drones in Rwanda, Ghana and Nigeria. Recently, the company began expanding its assets to distribute commodities used in agriculture, such as seeds for farm animals. In what could one day reshape the future of logistics on the continent, … Read more

Ride-hailing apps enter Senegal for the first time – Vophs Africa

It’s hard to miss the old yellow taxis driving around Senegal’s capital, Dakar. Pointing at oncoming traffic, commuters scramble to corner the road to secure themselves. Unlike many other African countries, ride-hailing apps are not yet common in Senegal. The former French colony has been slower to take off—a more general trend for francophone Africa … Read more

India has not yet announced any aid to flood-hit Pakistan.

India has not yet announced any aid to its flood-hit neighbor Pakistan. Floods and landslides have wreaked havoc in Pakistan, leaving millions homeless and over 1,000 dead. which is supposed to be “Monsoon on steroids“A third of Pakistan, with one Population estimated at 230 millionStill under water, as the rains have created a crisis. Unimaginable … Read more

What did Mikhail Gorbachev think of Vladimir Putin? — Vophs

Mikhail Gorbachev made no announcement about the war in Ukraine, which spanned the last six months of his life: He passed away this week. At the age of 91. But the violent expansionism that Russia’s current leader, Vladimir Putin, seems to be embracing is a stark example of the difference between the two leaders. Gorbachev … Read more

Why India’s 13.5% GDP Growth Is a Fraudulent Number — Vophs India

India’s economy is definitely growing. But absolute numbers don’t show the whole picture. GDP of India It grew by 13.5 percent in the April-June quarter. From a year ago, it posted its fastest annual expansion in a year, according to data released on Wednesday (31 August). This was lower than the 16.2 percent growth forecast … Read more

Why NLRB Ruling on Tesla Workers’ Union T-Shirts Matters – Vophs

If Tesla employees want to wear pro-union t-shirts while on the job, the company has no right to stop them. she is Decision That the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) came this week, rejecting one. The decision of the Trump era which gave employers more leeway to prohibit workers from wearing union apparel. The … Read more

The cotton crisis is growing – Vophs

A cotton crisis is looming. Extreme weather events and political tensions have affected each of the world’s top five cotton-producing countries, spelling trouble for downstream businesses globally, including apparel, home equipment, and even medical supplies. Half of Pakistan’s cotton crop has been damaged by devastating floods this week, a government minister said said on Tuesday. … Read more