Understanding the rise of technology in China

How should global business leaders approach the meteoric rise of technology in China? Some observers in the West have taken a zero-sum, us-versus-them approach, while others view the growth of the Chinese tech industry more optimistically, arguing that the development of new technologies can benefit people everywhere. Is. Both mindsets are understandable—but either can be … Read more

Trade Regionalization: More Hype than Reality?

While experts are predicting a shift away from global trade to regionalized patterns, recent data suggest that more skepticism is in order: an analysis of trade data based on four different regional definitions, 2003 and 2012. shows a clear trend towards less regional trade between , and there is no consistent trend in recent years. … Read more

How to Build Strong Business Relationships – From a Distance

While many managers have embraced virtual meetings to replace face-to-face meetings in the wake of the CoVID-19 pandemic, building new business relationships online presents a special set of challenges. Since successful relationships are built on trust, it’s important to try to address the pitfalls of virtual interactions. As described in our book, Finding Trust in … Read more

How much autonomy should you give your global teams?

When expanding into international markets, how much autonomy should home office leaders give local teams? Maintaining too tight control over your overseas divisions can hinder their ability to operate effectively and make decisions—but giving them too much autonomy can also be detrimental, leading to I face quality issues, inconsistencies, duplicate work, and many other challenges. … Read more

Assessing current threats to the US economy

Before Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine, the outlook for the U.S. economy was bleak but promising. Pandemic pressures appeared to be peaking, inflation was expected to return to normal, and the Fed had a credible chance of engineering a “soft landing.” But a massive humanitarian atrocity in Europe has sparked an unexpected global financial … Read more

How the war in Ukraine is further affecting global supply chains

Russia’s attack on Ukraine is adding to global supply chain woes. It is affecting industries from semiconductors to cars to food. This will almost certainly accelerate the shift from global to regional sourcing that was already underway due to the Sino-US trade war and pandemic and climate-related events. But given China’s dominance in many sectors, … Read more